Introducing CJV Recruitment

CJV Recruitment has recently been awarded a contract by Suixiang Education to recruit and place candidates for teaching positions in China at OVER 300 Schools. We can place BOTH Graduated Professionals or Non-Graduates with TEFL Certification. We can even assist with the TEFL courses!

China is a huge country, but its need for English teachers is even greater. With a population of over 1.3 billion and a renewed focus on English in schools, the demand for teachers is growing across the educational spectrum. Currently we have openings for 70 teachers with more positions opening monthly and this is an excellent opportunity for professionals and recent graduates to explore the world and make a difference in someone's life by providing them with the most precious gift of all, namely an education.


Due to constant demand, schools interview and hire new teachers year-round; China has the largest job market in the world for teaching English abroad! Youth are brought up appreciating the importance of learning English, with Chinese parents understanding that being able to speak fluent English gives their children a greater chance of earning a higher salary and more employment opportunities abroad.


There is an ingrained preference for Western English teachers in Chinese culture, and a deep-rooted respect for the profession. TEFL teachers should expect to be treated formally, both by their students and their colleagues; there is a strict classroom etiquette in China, where teachers are seen to be very authoritative figures, and there is great respect for hierarchical structures.


This is best explained as the phenomenon guanxi: guanxi largely originates from the Chinese philosophy of Confucianism, which emphasises the importance of associating with others according to rank, in order to maintain social and economic order. Western teachers are also seen as being more creative, so you’ll have some leeway for introducing “fun” into your lesson plans, and you’ll enjoy being seen as the entertaining teacher!


Salaries for English teachers in China are increasing rapidly; plus, as the cost of living in China is still quite low in comparison to Western countries, your wages will go a lot further! TEFL teachers, can reasonably expect to make about US $2300 per month, which has nearly three times the local purchasing power that it would have in the U.S. 


 Teaching salaries in China allow you to live comfortably and travel at the weekends or during holidays; as for savings, it all depends on the location, the employer, and individual lifestyle choices. While bigger cities will of course incur more living costs, smaller cities are far more affordable. Day-to-day living expenses are very manageable and travel in China is cheap, with regular, high-speed rail services and inexpensive domestic flights available nationwide. Dining out in restaurants and trying street food is extremely affordable, and getting your groceries from local markets is the best way to save a little bit extra money.